Overview of Our Facilities
To those of you who have children in the District, or who have otherwise been in the school buildings recently, you have seen that many of our facilities need work and improvements to bring them up to current expected standards. All of the buildings are in need of repair and remodeling and many of the areas requiring attention involve major expenditures, including heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, roofs and parking lots. In order to keep the community informed about our facilities, we thought it might be helpful to provide a brief history of the District’s educational facilities. Our goal is to provide you the background necessary to better understand the needs of the District.

Ringwood School joined the District in 1968. At that time, Ringwood School District was merged with Johnsburg School District. Ringwood currently houses pre-kindergarten through grade 2.  A small addition was completed in 1971 and a major addition was completed in 2000 which more than tripled the size of the building.
James C. Bush Elementary School currently houses grades 3 & 4. James C. Bush Elementary School was originally built in 1949 with a major addition in 1959, and another smaller addition in 2000. James C. Bush Elementary School is the oldest school building in the District.
Johnsburg Junior High School & Administration Center (specifically the northern part of the building) currently houses grades 5 & 6. In addition, the Junior High also houses the administrative office operations. Originally built in 1973, the facility received additions in 1978, 1987 and 2000.
Johnsburg Junior High School (specifically the southern portion of the building) currently houses grades 7 & 8. This portion of the building was originally built in 1967 with additions in 1972 and 2000. The addition in 2000 joined the north and south sections of the building to create a single school.
Johnsburg High School currently houses grades 9 – 12. Johnsburg High School was originally built in 1978 with a small addition in 1979, and another addition in 2000. Johnsburg High School is the “newest” school building in the District.

In 2010, the District performed a series of strategic planning sessions facilitated by an individual from outside the District, to bring clarity to the District’s future and to engage the community in the planning process. One of the major topics of discussion at those planning sessions involved the District’s buildings and the future. It became clear throughout the strategic planning discussions that our facilities are in need of modernization and upgrading.

Understanding "Space" in Our Current Building Configurations
As part of the facility planning process completed by Gillespie Design Group and Ruck/Pate Architecture in October, 2013, a listing of current instructional space was compiled.  This listing includes all buildings (with the exception of James C. Bush Elementary School) and indicates room numbers, current uses, capacities and square footage.  Please Click Here to access the document.